Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Hello folks! We found an apartment! Yay!
But we haven´t got it yet (paperwork, you know, it´s going to take a while, even here). But in the meantime I´ve been meeting some people, making some connections etc.
I haven´t had time to draw or paint in a while therefore I´m posting an old drawing.
I did it about two years ago, I just thought it would be appropriate to post it today (for obvious reasons).
Pen and ink on paper.
Hope you enjoy it.


Eric Endo said...

Scary sketch! Hehe. I liked it!

Ainda bem q vcs jah encontraram um apartamento!
Assim q vcs se mudarem eu vou visitar vcs! hehe

Espero vê-los no Solo na quinta.
See ya!

Patrick Costa said...

This is a great piece. Really well done.

Attempted Perfection said...

great artwork!

Miwa & Mikael said...

Sweet! Can't believe you hide this on from me. Really cool but where is the butterfly?