Thursday, October 02, 2008

Small Concept Study

Hello folks!
This is a quick demonstration I did for my students.
It's a small concept design piece.
I started off with different abstract shapes in several different layers, then I adjusted the blending modes, kinda merged them together (in Photoshop), and finally added the details and adjusted the colors.
Hope you guys enjoy it.
I think it turned out ok.
One of my students, Mauro Salgado, did an amazing job today in class (way better than mine, by the way). In order to check his work, just click on his name (highlighted above) or check the links section.
Way to go dude! I'm proud of you.
Thanks fellas for stopping by.


Tobias Schwarz said...

great blog!

mauro salgado said...

Valeu pelo link Douglas!
eu fiz mais uns dois cenários, dá uma opnião lá no blog!


mauro salgado said...

Valeu pelo livro, muito bom!
Eu fiz mais dois cenários e postei no bog, queria que vc desse uma opnião.


Amora B. said...

Que bonitooo!! *____*

Uaauuu preciso aprender a fazer uns cenarios assim! :)~~~

Quando vou te ver lá na AAAD?? Ando muito ausente. u.u