Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sketches

Hello folks, how's everything?
The Easter came and went and thankfully I had some time to get out of the city.
We decided to go to the beach.
I drank a lot of beer, slept a lot, ate a lot of chocolate and even had some time to enjoy the beach and - believe it or not - sketch a little.
Some of the sketches are from life, others from Tv and photographs.
Thanks for stopping by.


Weberson Santiago said...

Fala, Douglas. Belo blog, héin. Espetacular. Estarei sempre por aqui. Abraços!


Hei man! Primeiro valeu pelo comentário no Blog sobre a ilustra do hellboy, vou lembrar do ponto focal na próxima ilustra.

Cara, animal o sketchbook, recheado de coisa fina :D

See you!

Stef said...

Bem legal, adorei!