Friday, May 29, 2009

Poster for the Latin-American Meeting of Design 2009

Hello folks how are you doing?
This is an illustration I entered for the 'Latin-American Meeting of Design' Contest, which will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in July. I submitted it on Friday, May 29th. The theme is about the Visual Passion of the Latin-American people. I apologize for writing the copyright info on the image uploaded for this post but one can never be too careful. The deadline for the submissions was supposed to be the 29th of May but it was extended.
I used Photoshop on this one, I painted the figures digitally and used some photographs with some layer effects.
Hope you guys like this one, and I also hope it wins.
Just being selected for the exhibition will be a great honor.
Gotta keep my fingers crossed.
Thanks for all your support.

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