Friday, July 24, 2009

Quick Post - LUTAS

Hello folks, how are you doing?
A friend of mine told me yesterday that a preview for the animation I worked on as a background painter was already online.
I searched a little and here it is.
I painted a few BGs for this animation, it's a Brazilian animation called LUTAS.
Once it's officially released and the studios say it's ok, I'll post some of the BGs I painted.
In the meantime I hope you enjoy it.
The preview also can be found either at Erix Portfolio or Avelino's blog.
You can find the High-Definition video at Youtube.
Let me know your opinions.
I'll post some new stuff in the following days.
Thanks for looking.


Nah said...

nha q demais...mto bom avisa qdo estrear deu vontade de assistir rs

natoreb said...

Tá demais mesmo... Quero ver as ilustras...hehehe.
Tenho que ir fazer uma visita no dia das suas aulas. Quando são?