Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Nonsense

Hello everyone.
Say hi to my little friends, Ed, Ned, Ted and Fred. I tried to set my mind on "empty" and that's what happened.
It's not supposed to have any meaning. Just some doodles.
Done this morning while teaching.
Thanks for stopping by.


avelino said...

Very Nice!!! lots a fun!!!
I am always here!!

avelino said...

Very Nice!! lots funny!!!
I am always here!

Lucas Fracalossi said...

Doug!! Ta show de bola esse ai brother! espero que um dia eu consiga desenhar igual a vc, pq do jeito q ta, ta Douglas heim

Douglas Ferreira said...

Hi Douglas,I agree,it's very cool and funny!I wanna see some more adventures of this fellow!
Best wishes my friend!