Monday, August 14, 2006

Finally finished.

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I finally finished the digital painting I was working on.
I submitted this one to Ballistic Publishing; they were accepting submissions for their next book, EXOTIQUE 2. They will be reviewing and selecting all the submitted artwork within the following months I think, and the best ones will appear on EXOTIQUE 2.
Maybe they will like mine, who knows?
Anyway, I hope you like the painting.
Thanks for stopping by.


Miwa & Mikael said...

Pure awesomeness! Great job dude.
Next time don't be so hardcore use more than one layer;)

MadameGaston said...

beautiful, I like how the hair is rendered, so soft looking.

Patrick Costa said...

Beautiful and impressive. I never really "paint" digitally but this is inspiring.

Oh and about the sketchbook question, in my opinion, it's great. There is way less to the interface than Photoshop but that is part of the reason I love it, the simplicity. It is really nothing more than a sketchbook with your default drawing software options, ie. layers, cut and paste, etc... Give it a try, at the least it's fun.

Megan said...

Wow, she looks great! I love how you painted the hands.

Eric Endo said...

Great job bro!! Nice collors and mood. I hope ballistics like too! As you say: who knows?