Thursday, August 10, 2006

Silly idea

I like elephants...
This one doesn't look very happy though. I thought about placing a thought baloon next to his head with the words - "This is what I get for not listening to my dad. I shouldn't have dropped out of college."
Nah... it's a silly idea.
Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the drawing.
See ya.


Anonymous said...

Love the line work . Great inking style .

Patrick Costa said...

Great ink sketch, there's a really nice feel to it.

Kim said...

I like this sketch. It's very simple but very well done. And I absolutely love that digital painting of that woman you're working on. I'll make sure to come back and take a look at the finished version.

Nice stuff!

MadameGaston said...

hey go for it! the lameness is funny :D

really nice sketch!

David Colman said...

beautiful piece bro