Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Animal sketching

Hello everyone!
Today my friend and I went to the zoo to get some drawings done but unfortunately we got there two hours before closing time.
We sketched a little (as much as they allowed us to sketch) and took some photos. Presented here are the ones I like best.
Hope you guys enjoy it.

PS: I apologize for updating a post with no images but Blogger has been acting out lately. I've been trying to update my blog for 4 hours and I could only post the text. I'll edit the post and upload the image later if it lets me.


Rick Lacy said...

nice drawings man. very inspiring. I haven't been to the zoo in close to forever. I really should get back there.

heri said...

hey, good to know that it's not only me experiencing the blog updating problems, it's been acting up lately, I just had to come check your blog again to see if it still is a "daily" thing. :), good drawings, those lions are always sleeping huh! one day I will like to throw a rock at them so they wake up and walk around!