Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sketches from TV and magazine

I know, I know, sketching from magazines are not as exciting or as 'good' as some might say. But a drawing is a drawing, that's my opinion. The one on the left I did from a magazine photo. The one on the right I did from TV - I taped a show, then paused and drew from it, it was a 5 minute sketch so I decided to focus on the head.
I used a hi-tec pen for both sketches.
Thanks for looking, see ya tomorrow.


heri said...

hey Douglas, yes, a drawing is a drawing, even if it's a tv sketch, and you know sometimes I do that, You know it's a good practice to draw the people that give you the news, becuase they never move off their chair.

give illustrator a try!

Miwa & Mikael said...

Keep it up!

Patrick Costa said...

Love the one on the right.

Anonymous said...

Aloha, Laughing Chimp!

It's me, The Stinking Monkey. How are you? This morning Cindy emailed me your URLs for the blog and website. Well done! I was especially happy to see that on your splash page, part of my former workspace was in the picture - showed it to my dad who didn't know what I was up to while I was living in SF. Here are some illustration portfolio sites that I've found:

1) http://www.workbook.com
2) http://www.theispot.com

My former roommate is listed with them and she is doing very well (Japan Vogue, etc.)

The Better Business Bureau of San Francisco also began hosting workshops specifically for artists. They have a really good counselor whose expertise in business in the arts. Maybe you both can attend some workshops. The cost is very low. I was starting to do that when I had to leave SF.

All the best to you!

SM aka. Lisa