Friday, July 07, 2006


Hello again. I had this idea for a gag involving two women talking about their weight, and how hard it was to lose fat in specific parts of their body. It was an ok idea. I actually started to sketch some really fat women and their skinny husbands but then I thought it lacked something. What if I used animals instead? I liked the way it was going and I thought I should push it to the extreme. That was when the dinosaurs came to play. It was a little difficult for me to draw the T-Rex. I didn't find any photo reference of a Tyrannosaurus' back, so I had to make it up. I apologize in advance to the anatomy aficionados.
I used prismacolor pencil for this sketch, hope you guys like it.

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heri said...

I like it, you can really feel the weight on the dino's. loving those countour lines. thanks for the link, I will soon return the favor. Update this daily and I will be checking it out daily!

41 and counting. my goal is now to post for 100 days strait.