Thursday, July 06, 2006

Graduation Project

Hello again. I spent the whole day today working on my website. I started early in the morning and I finished working on it less than 30 minutes ago. I didn't have any time to draw anything new for todays's posting so I decided to show a little of what I did early this year. Technically it's not cheating, I said I was going to update this blog daily and that's what I'm doing.
These are some of the pages I did in order to graduate. The ones shown here are random pages, they are not in any particular order, I just picked the ones I liked best.
I started with pen and ink then I applied the textures and the text boxes digitally.
Hope you enjoy them, they are not as fresh as the other sketches but still, it's an update nonetheless.
Tomorrow you'll be able to see some new stuff.
See ya, thanks for looking.


Patrick Costa said...

Thanks for the comment and the link. Speaking of gesture that memory sketch below is full of it. This post is particularly interesting to me as I have an idea for a graphic novella type project and your pages here are truly inspirational. Great work my friend.

heri said...

what a way to start off a blog. Nice work here, I will be checking your blog since you are updaiting daily. I also update daily so far I posted 40 consecutive days.