Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lighting Studies

Here are some lighting studies I did for class. These are relatively old, I decided to show them because today was kind of a busy day for me. And besides I think that none of the sketches I did today are worth posting (have you ever had one of those days?).
Thanks for your patience!
More 'fresh' updates coming soon!


Bicos de pés said...

The light is very nice, it gives a good ambience.

Patrick Costa said...

I have one of those days every day. Really nice work with the studies.

heri said...

I think we all had some of those days, sometimes I draw, and I just can't draw! it feels like the lines I draw don't go together, but even if I make mistakes, I'm still drawing, and learning from it, getting rid of the bad drawings, bad drawings so I can draw good ones.

this studies are great, the lighting is fantastic.


Armand Serrano said...
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Armand Serrano said...

Very nice tonal studies. Lighting is very good specially on the downshot. Keep it up.