Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Memory Sketch

I went to a cafe yesterday but it was so packed, and people were moving around so much, I couldn't draw from life (I like to sketch people when they are reading because they often spend a lot of time in the same position, making drawing easier for me. I know, I'm just too picky to draw from life). So I decided to just observe people. I found this interesting lady there, she had strong facial features and she was ordering something while holding a pizza. She was actually wearing glasses but I thought she would look better without them.
I kinda liked working from memory, it gave me an opportunity to draw more freely, focusing on the character's gesture and expression. For the black and white sketch I used both Japanese pens (the hi-tec and the brush-pen). As for the colored one, I started with a blue pencil, then I used pen and ink with watercolor, and colored pencils towards the end.
Hope you enjoy!


Eric Endo said...

First comment!!!

Nice sketch! I liked this one.
When I learn how to speak English better, I guess I could write more constructives feedbacks... he²

See ya bro!!!

Patrick Costa said...
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Patrick Costa said...

I love that colored one, great character to it.