Thursday, July 13, 2006

A little late but still...

Hello everyone!
I know it's kinda late for a new 'daily' update (it's past midnight) but still here it is.
Today was a really busy day and I just got home, I was hoping I could come back before midnight to update the blog but... what can I do?
I spent a lot of time today riding the bus back and forth so I had a lot of time to draw.
I started with some random shapes and once they were done, I drew the heads within the shapes, adapting the characters' expressions accordingly.
I used mechanical pencil with blue lead and hi-tec pen.
In order to keep my word, there'll be two updates today, July 13th (in order to make up for the missing update, on July 12th). I apologize for those who checked yesterday for updates.
Well, that's my update and I hope you enjoy it. There's another one coming in a couple of hours...

1 comment:

Armand Serrano said...

Good stuff! i like the idea of putting the expression on the shapes. Keep it up.