Monday, July 31, 2006

Charcoal drawing

Hi everyone!
This is an old drawing I did a while ago. I went to my studio yesterday and I spent some time looking at it. It reminded me that I need to draw more from life. Not only to sketch but draw, you know? To pay close attention to forms, values, shapes and details, to the lighting and what it does to the object or person being hit by it. To really go back to the basics.
I need more life drawing sessions, that's one thing I miss about school.
Hope you like this one.


&y Van Wert said...

It is a beautiful drawing. Is it a life drawing? I know exactly what you mean about going back to life drawing. I have decided to create a blog that is of drawing I do of people on th subway. Check it out if you can.

BTW I also like the initial concept sketches you have for "Outlaws".

Keep it up,

Megan said...

Wow, that's beautiful, Doug. :) I like how you delicately handled the fabric in contrast with the sharp hatched strokes of the neck. And that ear is wonderfully done as well.

I miss life drawing too. :(