Monday, July 10, 2006

Marion and Billie

These are some characters I created, and I'm currently working on. Here you are able to see some layouts (in no particular order) for a story that I want to finish throughout this week. Marion is a kick-ass old lady and Billie is her grandson. I have a lot of fun drawing them and I love to see Marion fight.
For the layouts I used blue and 2B pencils, and for the big Marion on the lower right side I used pen and ink. As soon as the story is done I'll publish it here.
See ya tomorrow.


heri said...

good to see your keeping your word and updating daily. it looks that you did have fun in this one.

keep on posting.


Eric said...

looking at this sketches, i guess it'll be a good story. i can't wait to see it finished! hehe
See ya bro!