Friday, July 21, 2006

The Con is awesome! - Marion page 03

Hello folks, the Comic-Con is awesome! A whole bunch of people walking, browsing, buying stuff, wearing costumes... that's the life. Henry, Cindy and I spent the whole day there yesterday and still, we haven't seen HALF of it!!!! The place is huge, filled with amazing artists, bookstores, toy stores etc. The best thing about the Con, in my opinion, is the self published stuff. There we were able to meet great artists who published their own sketchbooks, most of them have blogs (I'll be placing a link to their blogs on my next update) they were very nice. They took their time to talk to us, to give some tips about the illustration/animation industry, it was awesome! Can't wait to get back there today. I'll post some pictures of the Con later today but for now it's another page of Marion at the shrink.


Megan said...

I envy you guys. :D Sounds like a lot of fun!

Wow, the comic is starting to get dark. I'm curious now to see where it goes. Looking forward to more pages!

Cris Chen said...

To curiosa pra saber o resto da historia!!!